Sunday, January 10, 2010

elly gardner interview

Tell me about your background, what led you to Textiles? A natural process. I became interested in creative pursuits late in high school. I chose to try fashion and textiles subjects, along with art, but I connected with the tactile and non-restricting elements of textiles. The magic thing about textiles is that other types of design can be incorporated into it.

How would you describe your style? Experimental, tactile, exploratory! I love combining different elements like illustration, embroidery and 3d construction.

Do you have a goal when designing? Try to be as true to myself as possible and produce something meaningful.

Do you have a favourite material to work with? I am absolutely obsessed with ink! Spontaneous. Versatile. Unexpected. You’re never quite sure what you’re going to get.

Is your design process mainly computer based or free-hand? I have to confess that I love free-hand work! Computer techniques are great, but nothing can beat the appeal of tangible, tactile goodness!

Winning the 2009 Gotya award - The Design Institute of Australia have recognized your talent through your project 'contemporary curtain', tell me about this project and your creative process? This project was about addressing the lack of privacy in modern apartment living. A curtain that could be used either to cover a window or as a room divider. I looked at the current trend of handcrafted, one-off pieces and combined it with modern technology. It was made from laser cut translucent pieces that I connected with rivets. I also incorporated embroidery, ink work and computer design.

You have had some great work experience, has this influenced you and how? Working with successful Australian designers has taught me some strong lessons about working in the creative industry.

1. Stay true to yourself and develop your individual style.

2. Balance your creativity with business. Someone needs to buy your work!

3. Work hard and take opportunities. Doors will open this way.

Who would you like to work with? Ideas and possibilities inspire me. Designers can change the way people live. It would be my dream to have a career working with designers of all disciplines with fresh ideas, learning from each other and working on multi-disciplinary projects that have meaning in peoples’ lives. Now, how to do that……

If you could get your hands on something in the world what would it be, what would you do with it, and what would you be trying to say? Governments’ attitudes to long-term solutions! If only a government could support something regardless of whether it gets them elected in 3 years. Imagine the possibilities…..

I give you an a3 piece of fabric what would you do with it! Quick! Paint it! Rip it! Stitch it! Nail it to a wall and call it art.

What are you looking forward to? Learning new things and meeting new people.

Do you have any other creative outlets? Hobbies? Obsessions? Oh boy. What hobbies don’t I have? Cooking, eating (these are 2 two different hobbies), gardening, reading, creating. And on and on.