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Simon from the village

Simon is from a small village in Nottinghamshire, who's illustration work has been snapped up for album covers and apparel. His quirky and textured work sits nicely with the many bands he designs for. Check out lined with ghosts for more work and links to the bands he supports.

tung curls & specs

Ow and Lipstick please!

The ladies of Lew have created yummy candy colours and textures for there s/s 2010 range 'Lady Lew and Blue Boy '.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

vintage collage

dandy bag

If I was to replace my one bag of three years, it would only be for a Jerome Dreyfuss. All so french and big with soft leathers, reptile skin, tassels and bold colours to choose from. I also love how each style has a males name such as charles, Bruno and Sammy.

Australian Stockists: Parlour x, Sydney.
Image credit: Jean-Marie Racon's

Monday, August 24, 2009

queen 13

Photo by Tavi Williams from Front-row faces

Tavi Williams is a rock'n thirteen year old from Chicago! A little internet sensation, following her blog Style Rookie. Her outfits are super trendy, her knowledge of the fashion industry is crazy and her snapshots are quiet beautiful. Setting up her tripod and self timer camera, she captures her outfits put together from op-shops, a dress-up box and through thrifting. Miss Williams has hit the cover of POP magazine, appeared in LOVE magazine and collaborated with Borders & Frontiers creating her own Tee. I wonder what she will do when she's all grown-up!

Her photography can be viewed at style rookie's photostream.

*other American crazed fashion bloggers at the wearable conference

marie taillefer lover

The photographer, marie taillefer.

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new marilyn

Journey through the eerie Marilyn Manson website to find Manson’s new artwork and online store! His watercolours and limited edition prints are all there, including classics, such as ‘Harlequin Jack and the Absinthe bunny’, ‘lilywhite’ (his cat) and ‘experience is the mistress of fools’ (Album cover). Manson uses a children’s watercolour kit, which creates those bright colours as well as his most interesting medium, Absinthe. With his embedded ideas about gender, alienation and fixations on death, doom, and disaster, you can see that his paintings are as Goth as his music.

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