Tuesday, October 20, 2009

andres piersanti - interview

Andres Piersanti is a young photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a beautiful eye and personality to match. An Interview as follows and an amazing folio of images to explore here
Tell me about your background - what led you to Photography? When I was in school I developed a huge interest in creative images, art and theatre. I think that being able to create, made me aware of my possibilities in photography. Later on, when I was 18 I started film classes and after that everything started to increase in a more progressive way.

Is there a process of events to these magical creations? The models seem very comfortable in your work, is this, a credit to your nature?I think it is mostly from them, I just tell them what I see from my angle so they can change a posture or an expression; we both make our part, me as a photographer and my directions, and the models that accept my direction and make it happen.

What publications have your fashion shots been for/featured in? Vogue UK, La fuga, catalogue, D mode, Las Rosas between other.

What does a typical day at work involve for you? For instance every shooting is different and it demands different things. But in general I wake up, sometimes I don’t take breakfast he he, I go out, take pictures and then come back to my house and select the best shots. But that’s not always like that it depends.

Do you mainly work with the same stylists, make-up artists, and models? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. The truth is that I like to change, so I can work with a variety of talented people. But then again if I know their style well, it helps when it comes to a specific project or work, I would decide if they would be more accurate for that particular photo shoot. It is really nice to work again with people that had good energy in past works.

What is the fashion Industry/ Photography industry like in Argentina? Do you follow trends? Here there are a lot of great artists, really good ideas and designers, it would be great if there was more awareness of fashion, but I think its a matter of time the world is changing and everything is more globalized as some time before. I try to follow what I like, not a trend, just my instinct.

What would be your dream project? Who would you like to work with? I couldn’t limit myself to a dream project, everything makes you grow, but I’d love to work with Milla Jovovich or the 90`s supermodels, Christy, Stephanie, Cindy, their style is graceful and I choose attitude over beauty. 

What are you looking forward to? To become more professional each day in photography, that’s my goal. Take pictures and work with everyone or everything that makes my eyes fill with energy.

Who and what inspires you? I’m inspired be energetic people, that can go after their dreams and take seriously what they do in life. I'm most interested in complex personalities that are in touch with their needs. Expressions and style makes my lenses go wild.

Do you have any other creative outlets? Hobbies? Obsessions? I love painting and travel, my obsession... music! I feel better when I hear music, and a good dinner (with red wine). Other stuff too but those are the first ones.

When you come to Australia, is it a holiday or do you plan to work? I try to do everything when I travel, work and holiday, that’s my life, I can’t limit myself to one thing and working makes me feel alive.

Argentina. If anyone were to visit your beautiful city, where would you recommend going? Design/Art shops? Yummy meals? Magical locations? I recommend going outside the city to Cataratas del Iguazu, El bolson (there are lakes and beautiful mountains), but in Buenos Aires, where I live there are a lot of places to go, San telmo is antique and really nice.

Thankyou Andres for your time & Bohdi for directing my eye to Argentina!